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Digital copies of archival material

There is a £5 per half-day charge for the making of digital copies of archival material whilst in the building.

This includes taking photographs of archives using a digital camera or phone; or making digital copies of microfilm/microfiche using our digital microfilm scanner (NB: printing from the digital microfilm scanner is at the usual cost – see above).

If you wish to use our digital microfilm/fiche scanner, please email us at archives@oldham.gov.uk to book a date and time.

Normally we allow bookings of up to 4 hours on any given day, but if your work is particularly time sensitive, we will consider making an exception.

Always check with staff before copying any item, as you may need to complete a copyright declaration form.

Note that some items may not be able to be copied at all, and only handwritten notes permitted (such as electoral registers).

Printing and Photocopying

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Photographs from our catalogue can be provided digitally, or as a physical print, at a cost of £5 per photograph, for personal use.

If the photograph has not yet been digitised, the request will take longer to fulfil, photographs that have already been digitised have a thumbnail image on our catalogue.

If you wish to use a photograph for publication, different image licensing fees and conditions apply.

Please contact us to request a photograph:


Research Services

You can request our staff to carry out research on your behalf, from a single-item lookup to up to 90minutes of in-depth research.

Please note the cost for digital copies of items and some printouts are included in the research cost, but additional printouts may cost more.

Standard research:

Enquiries using a single source, ie an inquest in a newspaper or a marriage entry where a date has been provided, or a ‘look-up’ in a trade directory.

The charge for this service is £5.00 including two free printouts.

Any further printouts will be charged at normal printing cost (see above charges)

In-depth research: (this service has been paused until we are in our new home at Spindles)

Research requiring that staff look through a variety of sources such as archives, books or microfilms.

The charge for this service is £15.00 per 30 minutes’ work up to a maximum of £45 for 90 minutes’ work including four free printouts.

Any further printouts will be charged at normal printing cost (see above charges)