Historical maps

Ordnance Survey maps

Ordnance Survey maps can give an indication of when your property was built, and show what the area was like in the past.

While we are running our temporary service from Oldham Library, we are unable to provide access to our historical map collection.

Ordnance Survey maps held by Oldham Local Studies and Archives:

  • 1:1250 and 1:2500 scale maps dating from the 1950s to 2000
  • Editions of 25″ maps dating from the 1870s to the 1930s
  • 6″ scale maps dating from 1848 and 1851
  • Oldham town centre is covered by larger scale 5ft to 1 mile maps dating from 1848
  • 10ft to 1 mile maps dating from 1879 and 1891-1892 covering the whole of the Oldham township and the town centre areas of Chadderton Crompton, Failsworth Lees and Royton

Tithe maps

If a property was built before Ordnance Survey Maps were published it may appear on a Tithe Apportionment Map.

Tithe Apportionment Maps show the properties that had pay tithes and are accompanied by a Tithe Apportionment Schedule.

The schedule shows:

  • Description of premises
  • Landowner
  • Occupier
  • Plot number, and name

The Tithe Apportionments for Oldham and district were compiled in the 1840s.

Oldham Local Studies and Archives hold tithe maps for Chadderton, Crompton, Failsworth, Oldham and Royton.


Maps showing constituencies/wards/districts held by Oldham Local Studies and Archives:

  • c1890 Worral’s
  • 1905 County Borough of Oldham
  • 1906 Clegg
  • 1907 Clegg
  • 1912 Town Planning Map
  • 1919 Clegg
  • 1964 District Boundaries
  • 1969 District Boundaries
  • 1973 Oldham Wards
  • 1979 Ward Boundaries
  • 1983 Constituency Wards
  • 1996 Constituency Wards

Dunn’s Map of Oldham

In 1829 William Dunn created a detailed map of Oldham township, known as Dunn’s Map of Oldham.

The layout is similar to a tithe map.

Buildings and land are numbered, and the accompanying schedule provide information on landowners, occupiers, descriptions of land and properties.

Enclosure maps

Enclosure Maps show how the commons were divided among local freeholders, and include properties involved in the enclosure. The maps are accompanied by an Enclosure Award detailing the land awarded.

Oldham Local Studies and Archives holds a copy of the enclosure map for Oldham township, 1804.

Maps held at Oldham Local Studies and Archives

This list is only a selection from over 2,000 maps held at Oldham Local Studies and Archives.

Key: O.S. – Ordnance Survey

1804Plans of the Commons and Wastelands within the Township of Oldham. (Inclosure Award available).
1815Plan of Oldham Market Place and surrounding area.
1815Plan of Oldham High Street and surrounding area.
1817Butterworth’s Oldham (with inset showing Oldham as it appeared around 1756).
1824Baines Oldham.
1829Dunns Maps of Oldham (key available).
1832Butterworth’s Parochial Chapelry of Oldham.
1840Butterworth’s map of the country 5 miles around Tandle Hill.
1840/48Tithe Award Maps of Oldham (schedules available).
1844/48Lancashire 6″ O.S. series – Oldham.
1848O.S. 5 ft Town Plans of Oldham.
1849/54Yorkshire 6″ O.S. series – Saddleworth.
1861/63Lancashire 25″ O.S. series – covering areas now in Oldham that were not part of Oldham at this date.
1863/67Geological 6″ O.S. series – Oldham.
1863Railway Survey O.S. 6″ – Oldham.
1879Lancashire 25″ O.S. series – Oldham.
1890Map of Lancashire showing the course of the Roman Roads.
1891Lancashire 25″ O.S. series – Oldham.
1891Yorkshire 25″ O.S. series – Saddleworth.
1906Yorkshire 25″ O.S. series – Saddleworth.
1909Lancashire 25″ O.S. series – Oldham.
1921Platt Bros. Map showing location of Cotton Mills in Oldham.
1922Lancashire 25″ O.S. series – Oldham.
1930Yorkshire 25″ O.S. series – Saddleworth.
1932Lancashire 25″ O.S. series – Oldham.
195050″ O.S. series – Oldham.
1970s1:10,000 O.S. contour maps – Oldham.
1983Electoral Ward Boundaries and Parliamentary Constituencies for Oldham.
1983 – 1992 Goad 88ft:1 inch Shaw Town Centre.
1994 – 2022Goad 1:1000 Shaw Town Centre.
1971 – 1994Goad 88ft:1 inch Oldham Town Centre
1995 – 2022Goad 1:1000 Oldham Town Centre