Newspapers and Obituaries

Oldham Local Studies and Archives has a wide range of newspapers and a selection of cuttings that are indexed.  There is also a selection of indexed obituary cuttings.


TitleYears held 
Crompton and Royton Chronicle1930 – 1963
Illustrated Oldham Telegraph1859 (March – November)
Illustrated Oldham Herald1855 (June – August)
Illustrated Oldham Journal1854 (October) – 1855 (February)
Midweek Oldham Mirror1954 (September) – 1955 (January)
Oldham Ensign and Standard1868 (July – September)
Oldham Evening Chronicle1854 (May) – 2022 (June)
Oldham Daily Advertiser1856 (December) – 1859 (May)
1889 (October) – 1890 (December)
Oldham Express1867 (December) – 1889 (July)
Oldham Liberal Elector1869 (September – November)
Oldham Observer1863 (October)
Oldham Observer and Lees Free Press1858 (March – May)
Oldham Operative1884 (November) – 1885 (January)
Oldham Reformer and General Advertiser1853 (September) – 1854 (March)
Oldham Standard1859 (August) – 1946 (December)
Oldham Times2021 (January) – 2022 (July)