Oldham Heritage, Libraries and Arts Presents…

Did someone say StoryFest?!

Grab your headbands, glittery face paint, book character costumes or festival get-up and make your way to Oldham Library on Saturday 13 July for a day of stories, our Marvellous Makers Summer Reading Challenge and a great line up of authors and illustrators.

The spectacular StoryFest Family Day will be hosted by one of our firm favourites – Mama G, who will introduce seven amazing children’s authors, delivering creative workshops throughout the day:

Jarvis, Jo Lindley, Dan Worsley, Salma Zaman, Brian Abram, Marie Basting and Tim Collins, as they grace the main stage – aka Oldham Children’s Library!

Mama G, an award-winning year-round storyteller and panto favourite, will give us a show to remember with tales, tunes and tones of love for everyone.

You can also sign up to this year’s Summer Reading Challenge – Marvellous Makers. Every child who signs up on Saturday 13 July will receive a free book written by one of our authors (whilst stocks last.)

We believe that all children should be able to access live literature, so the authors will be visiting specially selected schools on Friday 12 July, to deliver sessions that will inspire the writers and illustrators of tomorrow.

Come to Oldham Library on Saturday 13 July and let’s bring stories alive together!

The Line Up

11am – 11.15am Mama G

11.15 – 11.40 Brian Abram

11.40 – 11.45 – Mama G introduces Jo Lindley

11.45 – 12.10 Jo Lindley

12.20 – 12.25 – Mama G introduces Jarvis

12.15 – 12.40 Jarvis

12.40 – 1 – Mama G

1 – 1.25 – Marie Basting

1.25 – 1.30 – Mama G introduces Dan Worsley

1.30 – 1.55 – Dan Worsley

1.55 – 2.00 – Mama G introduces Tim Collins

2.00 – 2.25 – Tim Collins

2.25 – 2.30 – Mama G Introduces Salma Zaman

2.30 – 2.55 – Salma Zaman

2.55 – 3.00 – Mama G says thanks and goodbye

More about our Authors…

Brian Abram

Brian is a paralysed, full-time wheelchair user known as ‘Grandad Wheels’ – the name given to him by his Grandson Charlie when he was very little. He’s written and published six illustrated children’s books in the series ‘The Adventures of Grandad Wheels!’ about all about the crazy adventures they have together:

  • Charlie’s Big Idea!
  • Chaos at Cheapfoods!
  • Grandad goes for Gold!
  • Grandad in the Grotto!
  • Grandad’s New Chair!

All the books are self-published and all the profits from sales are donated to two charities that help wheelchair users in their everyday lives. 

Marie Basting

When Marie Basting was fifteen, she was told by a careers advisor that girls like her don’t become writers. For a long time, she believed this – but Marie finally came to realise that girls like her can do anything they want. She has written the following books:

  • Princess BMX
  • My Family and Other Romans

Tim Collins

Tim has worked full-time as an author for over ten years and has published over 100 books in genres such as humour, detective, historical, horror, science fiction, fantasy and non-fiction. His books include the following:

  • Sherlock Bones series
  • The Wimpy Vampire series
  • The Cosmic Colin series
  • The Dorkius Maximus series
  • The Monstrous Maud series
  • The Long-Lost Secret Diary of the World’s Worst series


Jarvis studied Graphic Design and previously worked as a record sleeve designer, website designer and an animation director before writing and illustrating children’s books such as:

  • The Boy with Flowers in His Hair
  • Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth
  • This Little Piggy
  • Mrs Mole, I’m Home!
  • Follow Me, Flo!

Jo Lindley

Jo is a Cardiff-based children’s book illustrator and author who discovered illustration as a tonic to the stress of her architecture job. Roll on several years and she is still fervently writing and illustrating books, living a happy ‘archistrator’ life. Her books include:

  • Best Friends with Big Feelings: Hello Winter
  • Best Friends with Big Feelings: Hello Summer
  • Best Friends with Big Feelings: Hello Autumn
  • Best Friends with Big Feelings: Hello Spring
  • Where Does My Poo Go?

Oliver Sykes

Oliver Sykes is an award-winning author, performer, poet and producer. His books are inspired by his personal experiences growing up on a council estate in a single-parent, low-income family on benefits:

  • We Are Family: Six Kids and a Super-Dad
  • Alfie’s First Fight (also adapted into a one-man stage show)
  • Fishing For Rainbows (also adapted into a one-man stage show)

Dan Worsley 

After 15 years as a teacher and seeing which topics and themes fired the children’s enthusiasm, Dan decided to take the plunge into the world of writing and storytelling with his first collection of weird and wacky short stories:

  • Impossible Tales!
  • More Impossible Tales
  • Even More Impossible Tales
  • Eric Appleby series (Zero to Hero, Danger Zone and World Saver)

Salma Zaman

Salma is the founder of Salma’s Bollywood Academy, Yorkshire’s first leading and largest professional Bollywood Dance Academy in the North of England. Salma’s books are aimed at children from different cultural backgrounds and her books encourages engagement and integration of all faiths:

  • Bollywood Princess
  • HELP! I Can’t Dance Without My Bhangra Pants
  • Greedy Gertie

Salma delivers creative dance and storytelling workshops featuring Bollywood moves.